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Top Five Reasons to Rent a Small Car in L.A.

Zipping to-and-fro in traffic, saving on fuel, and slipping into the tightest, leftover parking spaces; small cars dominate on the Los Angeles streets for a number of good reasons. California Rent-A-Car offers small car options in every class, from the ultra-small compact cars to small luxury vehicles and compact SUVs.

Taxis in L.A. are Expensive and Inconvenient

Unlike many major cities where hailing a cab is easy to do on any corner, in L.A. it requires a phone call. This means waiting. Due to traffic it is not uncommon for the nearest taxi to take more than 10 minutes to pick you up. Alternatively, renting a small car like the Fiat 500, which gets 30/38 mpg, can be far more convenient and even save over L.A.’s high taxi fares.

Explore the Canyon Roads

There are many places around Los Angeles that can only be visited if you have your own transportation. If you think renting an SUV in L.A. is impractical, the RAV4 might change your mind. The little Toyota RAV4 gets 21/27 mpg, has a smaller footprint than most sedans, and does equally well on the pothole-laden roads of the city as the twisty mountain roads of Malibu, Topanga, and San Gabriel.

Enjoy the Highway

Though prone to traffic jams, the left lanes of the Los Angeles freeway system tend to move quite a bit faster than other cities. Driving a small luxury car like the Audi A7 starts to sound more practical when you consider it can get close to 30 mpg at speeds over 65 mph.

L.A. Drivers Can Be Agressive

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to run ahead of the pack then the little Ford Mustang is for you. Keep up with traffic and then some in Los Angeles with the small convertible that roars from the power of 305 horses and 280 pound-feet of torque.

Small Sight-Seeing Style

If you are driving solo around Los Angeles or with just one companion the Mini Roadster is your perfect sight-seeing-mobile. Just the right size for an economical tour, drop the top and enjoy cruising speed as you take in the green hills and flashy scenery that make L.A. so fabulous.

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